Thursday, November 11, 2010

Here are the 100 goals that are mine! They belong to me; I created them, using my mind. They belong to no one else but me. Now here they are, these 100 goals that are mine, and which, belonging to me, belong to me. Without further ado I present to you my one hundred goals which are mine and no one else's, as they are in my own possession, because they are mine.

100 Goats:

1. Write an entire album of songs
2. Hike the Appalachian trail
3. Publish a novel
4. Learn how to make my own clothes
5. Backpack around Europe
6. Film a crappy horror movie
7. Be good enough at belly dancing to improvise
8. Organize a poetry reading group
9. Learn 20 new songs on mandolin
10. Ride share around the Western U.S.
11. Go scuba diving off the shores of New Zealand
12. Write and publish a children's book
13. Perform my own songs onstage
14. Go to the cherry blossom festival in Japan
15. Write a play
16. Have children and unschool them
17. Open up a coffee shop that has a stage for musicians
18. Show my photos at a gallery
19. Learn how to knit
20. Go to an Iron & Wine concert
21. Learn to play poker
22. Be in a romantic relationship that is healthy
23. Be made fun of on South Park
24. Learn how to give marvelous massages
25. Practice yoga daily
26. Invent my own salad dressing
27. Sail on a gondola in Venice
28. Fill up a notebook with nothing but poetry
29. Get my driver's license
30. Learn to play Beethoven on the piano
31. Learn to play hobo songs on the harmonica
32. Watch all three LOTR films in a row... the extended editions!
33. Drink real chai in India
34. Crash a family reunion
35. Hug a California Redwood
36. Vote in an election
37. For one Christmas, hand-make everyone's gifts
38. Learn to play the cello
39. Work at the Renaissance Festival
40. Learn how to plant/maintain a garden
41. Write a humour book
42. Learn to play the banjo
43. Make an impact in the fight against factory farming
44. See the aurora borealis
45. Acquire a massive collection of scarves
46. Deliver a pie to someone on March 14th
47. Do a pin-up photo shoot in Hawaii
48. Junior staff and then maybe regular staff at NBTSC
49. Eat a pita in Greece
50. Work as a statue street performer
51. Visit the graves of dead poets/musicians whose works I love
52. Take a mega bus up to NYC
53. See a total solar eclipse
54. Master cursive writing
55. Plan a Halloween wedding
56. Read everything J.D. Salinger has ever published
57. Act in a Shakespeare play
58. Celebrate every holiday from every religion one year
59. Photograph an endangered species in its natural habitat
60. Dress up as the Eye of Sauron one Halloween
61. Quit Facebook forever and never join a similar site
62. For my birthday one year, give everyone else presents
63. Buy professional photography stuff (camera, spotlights, etc)
64. Take voice lessons
65. Plant an apple tree
66. Rescue a cat or dog from the animal shelter
67. Do the "one self portrait a day for a year" project
68. Write a novel using the "flow of consciousness" technique
69. Meet one of the Pythons
70. Learn all the constellations and be able to look up and instantly know them
71. Learn 50 songs on guitar in one month
72. Visit a Buddhist temple in Tibet
73. Ride in a hot air balloon
74. Get a secret published on PostSecret
75. Learn to speak fluent Italian
76. Find my favourite colour
77. Create an animated cartoon with Erin and Camoi
78. Beat my dad at chess
79. Master the art of tree-climbing
80. Visit all my NBTSC friends
81. Accumulate a vast collection of jazz and blues music
82. Film a mockumentary
83. Eat palak paneer in India
84. Learn to drive
85. Start my own poetry journal
86. Make a webcomic and stick with it for at least a year
87. Leave a job on good terms
88. Learn how to identify edible/healing plants and herbs in the wilderness
89. Climb a mountain
90. Create a book which is composed of photographs I take of odd-looking people on the street
91. Memorize all my favourite poems
92. Expand my cooking horizons over the border into baking
93. Get my belly button pierced
94. Write an allegory
95. Learn my favourite David Gilmour solos on electric guitar
96. Learn to play the saxophone
97. Work at an independent coffee shop
98. Go whale watching
99. Exercise "college without college" at the Jack Kerouac school in Colorado for a month or two
100. Learn to tap dance!
101. Go on Blake's New Zealand LOTR trip next December!