Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I love it when I wake up in the morning and my throat doesn't hurt anymore. For the past few days, I felt like I was storing six or seven wasps in my esophagus, and when I woke I would cough and cough until the pain never went away. But now, it is almost all gone. Huzzah!

I'm going to blog backwards this time. Presently I am sitting at the kitchen table, diagonal to Emily, who is also on her laptop. We are both drinking some purple juice that glides down the throat with absurd smoothness. Earlier this evening, at around 7:15, I attended my third and last belly dancing class. On my walk back to the apartment, I felt somewhat melancholy because I was beginning to realize that this retreat is almost over. Following the sadness was an emotion of relief, because I also realized that I'll soon be back to my familiar home.

Dinner was involved. I put too much cumin in the palak paneer. But the naan was amazing, credit to La Amelie.

I spent most of today doing self-appointed, retreat-relevant errands, such as composing a list of 100 goals, which I'll soon be posting to this here blog. I also put up some fliers for my small business, in which I titled myself a "Poetry Guru" who wants to "help destroy writer's block, inspire aspiring poets, give useful feedback, etc etc etc." My fliers were very colourful and I'm extremely glad that I didn't get any sharpie ink on the kitchen table.

Yesterday (and today, for that matter) I failed at my endeavor to begin NaNoWriMo at the normal beginning-of-the-month time. I don't think I'll actually get around to writing my book until mid-month. Ehhhhhhhhh. However, I'm telling myself that I can write a book whenever I want, and to hell with NaNoWriMo and all its capital letters shmushed into one word. So there.

And now I shall talk about Halloween! I was adorned from head to toe in elegant get-up, my costume being Mrs. Lovett of Sweeney Todd, as I believe I have mentioned in a previous post. We swam through a colourful ocean of disguises and masks; it was the parade in Ashland, and it was difficult to walk without trodding on someone's tail or bopping a zombie with my protruding posterior, my bulbous rump. Pictures of that later.

However, we did not go trick or treating. Yes I know: how lame. But by that point, after the parade, I was so wearied by the slow trek down Main Street; and also, the pillow under my skirt which created my humongous bum was very heavy, and it was difficult to get around. Besides, candy's bad for you, and even if it wasn't, I can get it whenever I want it. It still did dishearten me, though, because trick or treating is fun.

Here's what we did do: we watched the Evil Dead. It was a film about evil, and some people who were dead. It amused us.

I believe I am now mostly caught up. Hah! Well done, self. I realize I've missed blog posts, but to be perfectly honest, all of my writing ability has been inserted into poetry. Sorry.

At least now I know what I want to do with the next few years of my life. More on that subject later, or tomorrow (depending on when I put up my 100 Goals post).



  1. excellent and haunting photo!! love it!

    and, you went off facebook. several members of your immediate family are quite unhappy with this and we will deal with you most harshly upon your return to the right coast. ;)

    and i love you....and miss you TERRIBLY!!!!


  2. Thank yew! <3

    Yeah, well, too bad. Tell them they should quit too! ANARCHY!

    Lurve you mumsy!

  3. did you see cammie quit? oh, wait, i guess you couldn't if you're not on. now erin is sick of it. i think you're starting a movement. stop it.

  4. Yeah, she quit just before I did. MWAHAHA. Erin should quit. And you should too. ANARCHYYYY