Sunday, November 7, 2010

I decided yesterday that all my blog posts sound totally pretentious and I don't like them anymore. Also, I think my writing style is stupid as well. Oftentimes I'll look at certain authors' writing and go, "Oh my god what is he the king of France?" It takes a lot to please me as far as writing goes. Jack Kerouac's the only person lately who is an actual writer. I think I mean mostly novels and short stories. Poetry's a somewhat different thing, although there are pretentious poets too, but it's just different somehow, like how nobody wants to bother with poetry because not as many people care for it and it doesn't make you any money. People can just write poetry and then they're done with a poem, and they leave it alone or maybe get it published somewhere. It's not the publishing that annoys me I guess. I think it's mostly when I read a poem in a poetry journal or something that everyone adores and that everyone fawns over and it's really not good. And not only is it not good, it's very not good. It might not be terrible, but it isn't brilliant, and I think the only reason people think it's brilliant is because they're applying the bullshit laws of poetry some idiot created as a means to measure people's writing, but what they don't understand is that you write words and words and words and who CARES if some of them or most of them don't make any sense? Don't critique a poet and say "I don't understand this line," because well if the Great and powerful YOU doesn't understand it then it must be unworth writing, so please take out the line immediately. That's stupid. Shut up. The only good writing is writing you don't think too hard about, which has been my problem lately, I write at a glacial pace and so I hate everything I write because it strikes me as pretentious. Including my blog posts. Blogging has been such a strenuous task for me because I wanted my blogs to be good or whatever, but honestly now I don't care. Thinking about blogging has made me hate blogging. So guess what, for the remainder of my trip I'm going to write however I want to write instead of writing like An Author, and to hell with grammar and logic. I can contradict myself if I want to.

So anyway, we're in Portland on our weekend challenge thing. This hostel is way cooler than the one in Ashland, but I don't feel like talking about why, except that they have a pot luck every Sunday which I believe we're attending later today. We have a long list of crap we have to get done, and it all includes stuff we've done on previous weekends.

That's it, I don't care if this blog isn't poetic or has a good flow.



  1. love you, amb. i think that being an individual driven by creativity and art is sometimes tortorous. that's why so many artists/writers/etc. are insane. maybe you should try smoking a joint? JUST KIDDING!!!!