Friday, November 12, 2010

Tadoo list fo tomorra:

-taka de photos
-dansa de belly
-posta de blahg

Hopefully my lulu book will come in the mail tomorrow, and if it doesn't, oh well I suppose, that's it then. I'll figure something out.

At like eight-thirty or whatever I decided to go to sleep, and at nine fifteen or so I decided that I was done. My head is itchy with the maddening nothingness of sudden irritation one acquires when the universe delivers such abstract pointlessness as these twangs of annoyance tingling beneath the top layer of skin that clings to my scalp so subtly and insanely that without reason and/or comprehension will never go away not with a single scratch nor two solitary movements refined and Polished for the purpose of scratching the itch upon which settles the midnight lunacy of a head that is not on a pillow to repose or manufacture zzzzz's but rather it is suspended in oxygen and it is propped up by the exhausted neck that is sick and tired of all of this nonsense that rules its galaxy such as these hours that only seem to be abominable and ungodly only due to the massive accumulation of weariness creeping up in the veins of the exhausted life form who is crumpled in a chair at a laptop because who the hell knows why.

mutter mutter mutter mutter


  1. omg. was that sentence?

  2. and why hasn't your book come? it was supposed to take 3-5 business days and that was last saturday. grrrr.

  3. Hahaha run on sentences.

    I...don't know.