Saturday, October 16, 2010

Now comes the blog post without a photo. Yeah I know, stupid, right? But it can't be helped. My photo-taking abilities were restricted by the immensely high level of sheer productivity which I accomplished today.

Listen, seeing as my main research topic is fashion photography, I'm gonna make a commitment to post one fashion photo every day. If I miss a day, I won't crucify myself, but I might get grounded, young lady. So expect one tomorrow, probably!

So... how can I describe the vast, robust excellence of today in one pocket of text? Well, I was very inspired by Cameron this morning, who gave me some marvelous ideas regarding my research topics. Excitedly, I flitted about the town, dabbling and dallying in various shops. The library was closed, which was annoying, but it didn't matter, because then I realized that bookstores have books, too!

The evening crept up and I celebrated because of Indian food, which I love. Seriously, I want to spend some time talking about how amazing food is. Food. Can I even begin? For lunch I had some salad with this tomato/mozzarella/basil dish that made my taste buds sing. And I can't even tell you how happy I was about the Indian food. Spicy paneer tikka masala is the friggin' frig, yo.

Emily, Trevor, and I viddied a film at the theatre this night, too. The film had some forgettable name. The gay kid from U.S. of Tara was in it, and it was all right up until the middle, when it got all hipstery.

Also, the saxophone is the sexiest instrument in the entire galaxy. Just saying.

Now comes the question: when can I wear all my lovely scarves? It's been too warm. Grrrrr.



  1. can't wait to see your fashion photos! i love seeing you enjoy food so much. you're always my example to parents of kids they call "picky eaters." if you let a child just be who they are and eat what they eat they will probably eventually start to try things and someday really love food. :) love you.

  2. Right onnnnnnn! Unskewling! I'm hungry now...