Monday, October 18, 2010

Today today today today. What about it? Hmmm. Well, I have transferred my excitement of being Siouxsie Sioux for Halloween over to being Mrs. Lovett of Sweeney Todd, the soundtrack of which I am listening to as I write.

Halloween! I am very happy about it. D'you know what else I am happy about? Let's make a happy list.

-Belly dancing
-Rad people
-Blues and jazz music
-Cute shoes
-Delectable food
-Etc etc etc etc etc!

So I was on my way to a dance store for a sports bra (which I never purchased on account of all the ones in my size were sold out). This is a hilarious and creepy story, by the way. So anyway, I walked by a very grungey, middle-aged, greasy guy with bad teeth who was putting away a guitar. And he said, to the sky, "LORD? AH JUST WANT ME A WOMAN TO LOVE. WHAH CAN'T AH HAVE A WOMAN TOO?" He said it all desperate-like. I rolled my eyes.

I've got belly dancing tomorrow at 7:15! Heeelllls yeeessssss!

All righty then, I guess that's it fo' now.


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  1. lovely photo!

    and i like the idea of Mrs. Lovett, too. :)