Saturday, October 9, 2010

This blog post is overdue by a day, which will hopefully not result in my expulsion from life. Anyway! My endless numbered days begin. In contrast to the lovely Ashland, my plane ride was not particularly fascinating in the least. It was about a six-hour trip all in all, and I was sitting next to a lady who looked exactly like Shania Twain. But exactly. Her name was Amber...oddly.

Now arrives the section of blog where I post a pretty shot of some form of the landscape! Feast your eyes upon it, folks back home.

So there you are! Now for the commencement of the story.

Yesterday was a day packed with a series of quests arranged by Blake Boles (head honcho). We completed these quests in about six hours, I think, but don't be surprised if that number is wrong. Anyway, just for the record, Lithia Spring Water is revolting. We had to drink it. And we had to look happy while drinking it. I hope you're amused, Blake. *narrowed eyes*

Most of the tasks in this scavenger hunt involved rigid searches, particularly in the area of the SOU library, where we found a Shakespeare ticket receipt in a book, a something-technological-phone-thing in another book, and a photo of a strange infant in yet another book, or shall I say Print Collection. Also, Microfiche was wildly unhelpful. I like how nobody knows what that means except for the people on the retreat.

This scavenger hunt also involved a lot of walking. I lagged behind often to get photos of things, mostly plants, for some reason. It's just that the plants and trees here are gorgeous.

To get to the Dagoba store (or was it factory? I can't remember), we endured a long and vast trek through the Mines of Moria, the Riddermark, and the Dead Marshes! And we lost Gandalf to the Balrog, but that's okay because he'll come back... like Jesus. So anyway we bought two bars of chocolate. One of the bars was something we were supposed to retrieve for the scavenger hunt, and since our instructions instructed us to leave the chocolate uneaten, we bought another bar. Oh snap. We outfoxed the scavenger hunt!

Here is a photo of some glass pumpkins for you!

Why were there glass pumpkins? Because we visited a glass blower as a part of our series of quests. I wanted a pumpkin. Quite badly. Quite, quite badly. I don't know why. Well, yes I do, just look at them! SO -- PRETTY --

I shall now mention the people I'm staying with! These lovely, lovely people are called Emily, Trevor, Jeff, and Caleb! A round of applause for them, if you please! Now you look silly because you're clapping at your computer.

The Tegan and Sara album I was listening to just ended, and also I'm somewhat hungry, so that's all the writing I'm going to do for now, even though there are a few other things we did. So sorry. Here's a pretty shot to end my post on!

From Esme, with Love and Squalor


  1. rockin' journal entry and photos! Thanks for sharing your adventure!!!

  2. YAY!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! awesome 1st blog entry. can't wait to read more!!!!