Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh hullo, I didn't see you there. So, today I am writing my blog during the daylight hours, and not abominably late in the night, which is nice, because my eyes don't have sagging bags beneath them. Well, actually they do, because I was up until 3am last night. But that's not important.

What is important is that I decided against taking the tango lessons, and here's why: they cost money, and I shall already have to pay for belly dancing lessons, and since belly dancing is one of my research topics, it trumps tango. (It would trump tango anyway though.) *cough*

So now I'ma give you-all what you-all've been waiting for: some pics of the lair in which I currently dwell!

This is the room that Emily and I share. And we get a lovely ladies' room too! NO BOIZ LOLOLLOL

And this is the table at which I currently sit, though it is no longer empty, as I've been joined by Emily, Trevbro, and Jeff.

I was also told that it is against the law to walk by a mirror and not take a self-portrait in it.

Now I'm writing my blog and simultaneously having a conversation about moustaches... yeah I'd better go. Maybe I'll post again later since it's only been half a day.



  1. yay! i see you!!!! (god i'm so pathetic...get over it people...i miss my oldest baby!)

  2. I love seeing where you're living and I'm with you, D, I LOVE seeing your face!!! I'm sending love your way!