Monday, October 25, 2010

San Francisco, Part Deux: Let's Be Squatters.

Here is yet another disclaimer: In this blog post, Trevbro took the photos. Once again. Also, Trevor's been complaining that I've used all the good photos, so I'd like my readers to turn and glare in his general direction (which, for those folks back home, would mean West). And then say, "Hey, it's not Amber's fault you took too many dog pictures, dude." Have you done that? Good job, sheeple.

Okey dokey artichokey. Happily, we found a place to stay for the night. It was an abandoned elementary school building, which was totally mega groovy righteous rad. The guy who was hosting us was known as Phil, and he was a -- say it with me, kids -- "squatter." Three cheers for legal grey areas.

We arrived at the abandoned school around 3:00ish, p.m., and basically just hung out for a while. When Phil got home to greet us, he gave us a tour, and I totally felt like I was in that stupid Paranormal State show, or whatever. Cause you know what, the building had no power, and it was pitch black basically everywhere. (Oh, and Trevbro used the flash on his camera to get these pictures, in case you haven't already guessed... although it's kind of obvious...)

With our pinprick flashlights we observed that the floors of the school were trashed, there was graffiti everywhere, and every single glass item in the place had been smashed to smithereens. Etc etc etc.

Also, we definitely saw a ghost or something in the auditorium. Which I kind of don't feel like talking about. Let's just say that, though we attempted to convince ourselves otherwise, it was not a white cat leaping through the air. kelfjqek;lrjg;lkqwjrgk;ljqe;grjl

I've told this story so many times that I don't even feel like typing it out anymore, but oh well. Moving on. We made our noodles again in the dark, and ate of them, blah blah blah blah. It was incredibly early when we went to sleep.

The following morning was pretty rainy and lame; rainy because it was raining, and lame because we waited like a million hours for Andy to pick us up. We got home at around 7:30, blah blah blah story conclusion blah blah blah.

At any rate, besides the whole weekend story, today I actually wrote some poetry, which felt absolutely grand. No, I'm not posting it. Too bad. It's pretty cool. You'll never read it, though. Sorry.

The other thing I did today was replace every "Alejandro" in Lady Gaga's song with "jalapeno" while incidentally eating jalapeno potato chips. And... that's pretty much all I've got left to say!


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  1. You ARE glorius! Thank you for sharing your adventure!!! I love you!